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WhoopDiddy! Came together at Virginia Tech in the mid 2000s. After successful years together, including championships in 2007 and 2009, we reunited the team in the DMV.

The current Whoopdiddy! members stem from friends from high school, college, work or other flag teams we have played on.

The phrase "WhoopDiddy!" originated as a meaningless call among roommates. As the core group grew, the exclamation spread to apartments around the university. Fellow Hokies adopted the phrase at bars, bowling alleys, house parties, poker rooms, and eventually, flag football fields.

WhoopDiddy! has kept the color scheme since its inaugural flag football jerseys in 2006. The T-shirt jerseys were donated from a Maryland high school and featured a gold and black cross. We`ve since upgraded.

2014 Winter: VA STATE tournament - runner up
2014 Fall: IFFL B - Champions (undefeated)
2014 Spring: IFFL A - Quarter Finals
2013 Fall: IFFL B+ - Semi Finals
2013 Summer: IFFL A/B - semi finals
2013 Spring: IFFL B - Champions
2012 Fall: FXA Comp - missed playoffs
2012 Fall: IFFL B+ - Semi Finals
2012 Summer: FXA Comp - Champions
2012 Spring: FXA Comp - Quarter Finals
2012 Winter: FXA Comp - Champions
2011 Summer: FXA Casual - Semi Finals
"Do the game." --WhoopDiddy! motto

Top Rivals
opponentrec vsstreak
The Villains(0-6)L 6
7 PT Spread(3-2)W 1
TMT(0-5)L 5
Cougars(3-1)L 1
Bootleggers(3-1)W 3
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Recent Seasons
Virginia Flag Football Association(0-1)
2015 Fall
Fairfax County Flag Football League(3-4)
2015 Spring
Fairfax County Flag Football League(2-6)
2014 Winter
Virginia Flag Football Association(4-1)
2014 Fall
Fairfax County Flag Football League(6-0)
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