1980 Virginia State Tournament Schedule & Results

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DAY 1 (12/14)
Renegades 46Warsaw Ducks 6T (O)
Solicitors 26Black Raiders 6T (O)
St. Johns 26Schreckhise Shrub 0T (O)
Denny`s Wholesale 35Industrial Electric 13T (O)
Andy`s of Ashland 25Gene`s Trans. 21T (O)
Rebels 29Kemper Ice 6T (O)
Kangaroo Kings 21United VA Bank 20T (O)
Lakeview Ath. Club 33PJ Skidoos 27T (O)
Mid Merchants 38Haynesville Hurricanes 7T (O)
Fumblers 14Mastic Corp 13T (O)
Matchpoint 26Try Me Grocery 20T (O)
Poonbeats 1Sex Pistols 0T (O)
Pinnells 26South Slope 20T (O)
Titans-P 20Harrisonburg JCs 7T (O)
VA Pet bulldogs 21Frederick Farm Boys 19T (O)
Salem M. Eways 25Airport Supermarket 12T (O)
Renegades 39Solicitors 33T (O)
St. Johns 14Denny`s Wholesale 13T (O)
Andy`s of Ashland 26Rebels 25T (O)
Lakeview Ath. Club 26Kangaroo Kings 25T (O)
Mid Merchants 42Fumblers 12T (O)
Poonbeats 25Matchpoint 13T (O)
Pinnells 20Titans-P 12T (O)
VA Pet bulldogs 27Salem M. Eways 7T (O)
Renegades 41St. Johns 7T (O)
Andy`s of Ashland 40Lakeview Ath. Club 12T (O)
Poonbeats 31Mid Merchants 27T (O)
Pinnells 32VA Pet bulldogs 7T (O)
Andy`s of Ashland 32Renegades 26T (O) semifinal
Poonbeats 40Pinnells 39T (O) semifinal
Poonbeats 20Andy`s of Ashland 14T (O) championship

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