2016 Virginia State Tournament Schedule & Results



: matchup history
DAY 1 (12/10)
Field 2(12/10/16)
Mayhem 16One Team 21T (A)
Family First 14Primetime 34T (A)
DA UNIT 33Dream Killaz 14T (A)
Firm 28AKH 14T (A)
One Team 25Primetime 28T (A)
DA UNIT 27Firm 24T (A)
Field 3(12/10/16)
WhoopDiddy! 0Total Chaos 7T (A)
Heismen 137 PT Spread 16T (A)
Showtime-P 6Showtime-ADR 49T (A)
Boogie Monsters 23Hawkeyes 6T (A)
Total Chaos 77 PT Spread 3T (A)
Showtime-ADR 20Boogie Monsters 10T (A)
Field 5(12/10/16)
The Money Team 42Renegades 12T (B)
Hittaz 28Rebels 26T (B)
New Hope Church 18Kryptoknights 14T (B)
The Money Team 21Coalition 24T (B)
PAC 20New Hope Church 13T (B)
Coalition 28Hittaz 9T (B)
Field 6(12/10/16)
Outcast 26Family First-Pen 32T (B)
2 G 21New Hood 2 14T (B)
Good Brothers 34MOJO 14T (B)
Empire 16Triple Threat 12T (B)
Family First-Pen 19ADREN. RUSH 13T (B)
Good Brothers 17Huskies 14T (B)
Family First-Pen 322 G 35T (B)
Good Brothers 14Empire 31T (B)
DAY 2 (12/11)
Field 3(12/11/16)
Coalition 27PAC 0T (B) semifinal
Total Chaos 31Showtime-ADR 28T (A) semifinal
Primetime 23Total Chaos 14T (A) championship
Field 6(12/11/16)
2 G 35Empire 37T (B) semifinal
Primetime 24DA UNIT 7T (A) semifinal
Empire 7Coalition 16T (B) championship

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